Advance Online Publication? What does it mean?

The expression refers to work which has been reviewed by peers. The work has not yet been published in print or online form, nor has it been formatted for final publication. Surprisingly, there are quite a few journal sites that have advance online articles available. Even though the article has not been published and the decision has not been made regarding what issue or volume of the journal they will be included within, they have been assigned a DOI number. Final page numbers have not been assigned either. Advance online publication articles may be referenced and cited from and there is a special format for them.

Basic Format:

Author, A.A. (Year). Title of the advance work. Journal Title. Advance online

publication. doi:xx.xxxx/xxxxxxxx


Pozzebon, M., & Pinsonneault, A. (2012). The dynamics of client–consultant relationships:

Exploring the interplay of power and knowledge. Journal of Information Technology.

Advance online publication. doi:10.1057/jit.2011.32

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