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How to create a research paper

Fall semester has begun. Classes have been in session for a few weeks now. You are settled in to your schedule and all is well. However, your professor has pointed out that your first term paper is due in 30 days. Relax! Let my Paper Planner do the work for you. I developed an equation […]

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How to cite from Code of Federal Regulations in APA Style

Question: I am trying to correctly cite federal statutes. Specifically Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 553.101. How is this to be done in APA style? Here is a link to the work I am attempting to reference. Open link and scroll down to the yellow highlighted area for the specific section I need – 533-101. […]

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How to cite a painting

Recently I visited Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville in order to see a special exhibit of Andy Warhol paintings. My friends and I enjoyed viewing the paintings and touring the grounds of the gardens. The Warhol exhibit was comprised of many of his flower paintings that he created throughout his career. It was interesting to […]

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Online Encyclopedia entry – How to Cite

Question: Help!! I used the following cite reference in my research for a philosophy paper.  Moral Epistemology by Peter Tramel found on the reference site Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy – How do I cite this encyclopedia entry? To cite an article from an online reference encyclopedia, gather the information required for a print source and […]

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1 Book 19 Chapters – How to Cite APA Style

DILEMMA: Do I have to add all the same information in when I have a book with chapters written by different authors? The only things changing are the names, page numbers and title of chapter.  This book has 19 chapters! How many reference do I need to create? SOLUTION: I would suggest creating one Book […]

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APA Capitalization Rules – How to capitalize a title

QUESTION: Quick question on referencing an article about an Act. Below you will see my reference, I wanted to know if I capitalize the entire Act, or parts, or only the first letter. What is proper for APA? Thanks in advance!! Milestones: 1945–1952 – the immigration and nationality act of 1952 (The mccarran-walter act). (n.d.). […]

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Memorial Day – Did you know?

Did You Know? Memorial Day is not supposed to be a day of celebration but one of mourning the dead. Veteran’s Day is the one where we give thanks to all that have served, but Memorial Day is supposed to be a solemn day reserved for remembrance of those that have died serving their country. A […]

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How to Cite National Vital Statistics Report in APA Format

QUESTION: How do you reference National Vitals Statistics Reports which is a government publication from 4 government agencies with a DHHS Publication No. but also it has a Volume # and an Issue #? SOLUTION: It depends on how you are accessing the report. Some of the elements you have are not needed for the […]

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Poison Ivy – A Heck of a Rash

Every year my sons contract one or more bad cases of poison ivy, poison oak, or sumac. I have purchased every poison ivy scrub and over the counter medication and at times they do not seem to work. I have had to take them to the doctor for steroid shots or medicine because the rash […]

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How to cite an online library book in APA format

QUESTION: How do I cite a book from an online library using APA format style? Is there a place for eISBN number? Is publisher information needed? What specific information is needed for the reference? Thanks, Tam SOLUTION: If you are referencing a book located within an online library, the publisher information is not needed for […]

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